As of January 2023, Enfield of Maidstone Garden Machinery is no longer operated by or within Pleasant View Garden Centre. Steve, who managed the business on behalf of Pleasant View has since taken the name, moved premises and is still continuing to offer garden machinery repairs & servicing.

Birchalls The Riding Shop was taken over by Ray & Steve from the original owners, and Ray took over ownership of Enfield Of Maidstone Garden Machinery.

Birchalls the Riding Shop moved from it’s old premises in Langley to Pleasant View Garden Centre. Enfield Of Maidstone Garden Machinery moved from it’s old premises in Maidstone to Pleasant View Garden Centre and a coffee shop was opened.

Ray became the owner and during this time Pleasant View Garden Centre has expanded and blossomed into the Garden Centre you see today. The shop was transferred to the large greenhouses formerly used for growing allowing for a more varied and extensive range of products. 

Pleasant View Garden Centre was started on the outskirts of Maidstone by Tom & Sylvia Baker, a husband and wife team and consisted of a small nursery and shop.

Their son Ray opened a metal welding service on the same site, however, having spent his early years in and out of the Garden Centre, he soon realised that his true calling was in the Garden industry.